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RIDGID R3400 Fiber Cement Saw

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  • RIDGID R3400 Fiber Cement Saw

    Watch the Video...

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    Re: RIDGID R3400 Fiber Cement Saw

    I got a look see at this new saw in HD the other day. Very nice. I'd like to see the AirGuard feature on more tools. I also noticed it on their new belt sander. I'd like to see this on a 7-1/4" saw or the new 6-1/2" saw too, and other tools could probably benefit from it such as random orbit and sheet sanders.

    The video did not explain much about the features of this new saw. Does the bonnet come with the saw so you can use a 5 Gallon bucket to collect dust from the tool? That dust extraction fan powered off the end of the motor shaft is a great idea.
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      Re: RIDGID R3400 Fiber Cement Saw

      I have this saw, its awesome.... except the blades! The OEM blade lasted 3 tiles jobs (1/2" hardibacker) and half of 50sq of hardi siding before it dulled, but the replacement blades (same exact Diablo OEM blade) lasted anywhere from one day to 3 minutes! Teeth fell right off the blade. I can't find any other 5" fiber cement blade for this saw unfortunately. Maybe I got crappy blades... but 4 of them, from 2 different Home Depots (only place that carries the darn blade) kind of makes the saw worthless if the blades are junk. Hopefully someone else comes out with a good blade and is available other places than just HD. Turns out that it failed when I was 2 hours away from the closest HD, so that sucked!