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    Re: DVDPak Product Video

    Some of you have been asking about the difference in screen sizes on the 2 different versions of the DVDPak. Both work fine for monitoring and both displays look great.

    The OLED version 4.3" does well in extreme cold and heat (-30F to 130F) and is slightly better in bright light

    The LCD is a really nice display and is a bit larger at 5.7"

    If you experience slugish LCD performance or LCD Blackouts in extreme heat then go the OLED route. if your in a moderate climate and appreciate the bigger screen then the LCD version is for you.
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      Re: DVDPak Product Video

      i was on the fence over which one to get and it's the lcd for me as we don't freeze here and it's not an oven either

      welcome to southern calif. ben

      josh, it's all paid for already, you want to hand deliver it and show me how to use it

      phoebe it is