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DVDPak Hinge Testing

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  • DVDPak Hinge Testing

    Thought this one would be a fun one to post up. This is the type of testing we put the SeeSnake products through. This one was specifically set up to test how well the friction joint was able to hold up being cycled a bunch of times. We cycled this one over 100k times and the hinge still held the dvdpak screen in position when we took it out and the video signal through the hinge was just as good. Pretty neat stuff.

    Watch the Video...
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    Re: DVDPak Hinge Testing

    you know if miss march actually did the test, instead of looking on, it would have made for a better video

    i'm not quite on my way to 100,000 cycles.

    but i'm on my way to 100,000 miles of travel with it

    airport tsa screeners now know what a dvdpak does

    i tell them i make dirty movies with it

    phoebe it is


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      Re: DVDPak Hinge Testing

      talk about spam!
      the only dumb question is the one that is not asked!