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Tri-Stack Air Compressor

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  • Tri-Stack Air Compressor

    Watch the Video...

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    Re: Tri-Stack Air Compressor

    Just purchased this very compressor the other day.

    There is no mention in the manual about a proper 'break-in' procedure to be followed.

    Please advise



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      Re: Tri-Stack Air Compressor

      very cool design and like the 2 regulator setups

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Tri-Stack Air Compressor

        this compressor seems to be very limited in performance. When you shoot a nail the outlet pressure drops up to 10 PSI and it takes the regulator a good full second before the pressure goes back up to the psi you want, (there's a strange whistling sound at this point). So apparently you can only shoot one nail every second or you will be firing nails at much lower PSI that is required for the job.

        You can actually see this in action on the Youtube video for the Tristack, watch carefully near the end you see the regulator needle on right side drastically drop when dude fires a nail. The scene changes right after but you see long enough, the needle doesn't jump right back to his desired pressure.

        They say the correct pressure is the lowest PSI that is still capable of doing the job. Well with this compressor you need to crank it up way past what you need and have a in-line regulator before your tool installed (on your air hose) not to break your gun with too high pressure.

        Pros need to nail much faster than 1 nail a second.