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Ridgid 535 Threader

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  • Ridgid 535 Threader

    We have a Ridgid 535 threader that will not open completely to the 2" setting. It is about 3/16" from opening all the way, any suggestions?

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    Re: Ridgid 535 Threader

    what is not opening............front jaw, rear jaw, die head????

    Front jaw I would say there is trash or metal chips in the scroll not letting it open all the way.

    Rear jaw, look to see if there is trash in the scroll also, but have seen the three little pins that hold it on be worn enough to not allow the jaw to open all the way.

    Die head, the old 811 is very popular, check for trash in the adjustment slot, can also be trash inside of the head itself.

    All of this is easy peazy to take apart and clean, hard to believe how metal chips can get in some places.